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Hemingway in 3 panels!

 Last week I took part in a competition in one my subject in this semester called "Moving Text".  The task was either to create a 3-panel adaptation of any classic novel, Lisa Brown's "Long Story Short" style, or to write a David Bader style haiku about that.  I decided to do the 3-panel version, and fortunately won a Jane Austen book! :) 

The Weird Guy With A Water Bottle

Between them the distance is more than a thousand miles, but somehow they managed to look similar to me. My very dear Curzon Hall in Dhaka University, and this small path of La Trobe Uni in Melbourne. Well, of course, minus those lovely Krishnachuras!  Yesterday was the very first day of Uni this year.  Last year, it was all about sitting in front of the laptop, and keeping a fish-eye on the screen, with Zoom opened. So, I and many others surely are welcoming the change of fresh air and the company of actual humans.  I was relieved, to be honest, re-living this Uni day.  Though, I had to carry a water bottle with me, because of my ever-demanding medication. Gulping down a few sips, with unavoidable noise every now and then while the teacher was talking. Even so, it went well, I’d reckon.  Though it was my very first day here, somehow, at the end of the day, I felt a strange connection with this campus.  After finishing the classes, while walking back to the car park, through this beaut